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Déise College “Junior”

11—14 yrs.
Irish, Maths, Spanish & French

The College strives to cater for the individual needs of all pupils and to build the confidence of the pupil. Our small class sizes provide direct, continuous contact with caring and supportive teachers.
We aim to develop knowledge that will help alleviate the stress associated with school and which will allow pupils to make more effective choices and to attain their maximum results. If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s education, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Course Duration: Each programme will run for ten weeks for one hour per week.

Cost: Each programme costs €150. To participate, you need to fill in the application form and return it with a 60 deposit which covers the last 4 weeks of the 10 week course. 15 per week is then payable for each of the first six weeks of the course. The programmes will  commence on the dates shown and as places are limited and filled on a first come first served basis, early booking is  advisable. 

6th CLASS Wednesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm Wednesday 4:15pm - 5:15pm

Starting end of Sept. 2018

Starting end of Sept. 2018

On a rare occasion, a teacher may be unable to attend the class due to circumstances outside their control  (e.g. parent/teacher meeting in their school). In these cases, we will endeavour to inform you well in advance of any change in time or date of class 

Gaeilge/Irish Programme
11—14 year olds

Oral Work: The approach to Irish is gradually changing in Secondary School to reflect the future increase in marks which will be awarded to Oral work in the Leaving Certificate. Consequently, the programme places a strong emphasis on developing the pupil’s confidence and willingness to speak Irish by providing each pupil with every opportunity to speak the language in a fun way.

Vocabulary Building: The following themes are given as a guideline from the first year syllabus: Mise Mé Féin, Mo scoil nua (My new school), M’áit chónaithe (where I live), An Baile Mór (town), An Aimsir (the weather), na séasúir (the seasons) agus Féilte na Bliana (annual holidays), An Corp agus sláinte (health and the body), Spórt (sport), Caithimh Aimsire (past times).

In secondary school, there is a strong emphasis on grammar and writing skills. Therefore, we place a strong emphasis on these skills as part of our programme.

Maths Programme
 (11 to 14 yr. olds)

The cumulative nature of Maths means that it is very easy to fall behind the rest of the class. Confidence also affects a child's ability and willingness to work through problems. Our teachers approach Maths positively, always making sure that the concepts are explained and understood before advancing to the next level. Only when a solid foundation is in place can a child make real progress.

A guide to the Maths Course Content
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Time, Speed and Distance, Simple interest/Profit and Loss, Directed Numbers/Sets, Mathematical Sentences, Circle - Shape and Volume, Introduction to Algebra, Algebra Continued, Graphing Lines, Statistics, Area. The above areas are of vital importance for 1st Year Maths in secondary school.

Spanish and French Programmes
11—14 year olds

Within each programme. we aim to develop an ear for the language and offer an enjoyable experience in a stimulating learning environment. As communication amongst pupils is largely based on speech, oral work holds a very important place in our classes.   Our communicative approach ensures every pupil is given ample opportunity to actually speak the language. Activities are varied and stimulating and include amongst others: role-playing, games, mimes etc.

Themes are practical and chosen so that pupils can relate to them. Themes also overlap with work from the Junior Certificate syllabus. The following themes are given as a guideline: Meeting someone, Talking about yourself, Your family, Your environment: house, animals, hobbies, Counting. Expressing likes and dislikes, Eating out. Going to the shop, Describing the weather, Expressing emotions, Going to the Doctor, Asking for directions.




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