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Supervised Study Rules & Regulations

Please read carefully as these are strictly adhered to:

  1. PUNCTUALITY: Students must be present in the study room at least 5 minutes before each session.  Students are not allowed to enter the study hall once a study period has commenced but may enter or leave study during the breaks. All late students will be asked to leave the premises by the supervisor.
  2. Students are not permitted to pass notes or books to another student during the study period.   If a student wishes to borrow a book or have a discussion with another student this should be done before study  commences and during the breaks.
  3. Pupils are not allowed to use MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. during study.  These will be  confiscated and pupils will be sent home.
  4. Chewing gum or crisps are not allowed in the study rooms.
  5. Any student considered to be interrupting or interfering in any way with any study session will be sent home.  Any student who is sent home from study for any reason may not be allowed back into supervised study in the future.
  6. ABSENTEEISM: A roll will be taken during each study session. We welcome and strongly advice parents to call into the college to check their son/daughters attendance as from our experience students are more motivated if this is the case.
  7. Students are solely responsible for all of their personal belongings. Déise College will not accept      responsibility for damage to/loss of such  belongings.
  8. Each student is responsible for their own area in the study room; in particular for tidiness of their area. 
  9. To ensure an effective study environment students must sit in the seat allocated to them and they are not allowed to leave their desk during a study session.
  10. Déise College is not responsible for students who leave the premises for whatever reason. 
  11. The College should be advised of any relevant medical conditions by  detailing them on the bottom margin of the application form.
  12. The College reserves the right to adapt or amend these rules as it sees fit.

Application Forms & Brochures
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